MBT shoes founded by Swiss engineer Karl Muller in 1996, use a biomechanical design can strengthen your physique, at the same time help you improve your use of muscles and joints; Sole is proprietary curve type sandwich structure, shaping reasonable position; Each step can improve your inner loop; In short, wearing MBT walk, not only training, but also massage.
MBT shoes are similar to the ship arc soles, so that the wearing of a natural feeling of instability in the process of standing and walking, to stimulate the body's own balance adjustment mechanism to mobilize the muscles and bones to participate in the regulation of the balance, so as to achieve the role of exercise the body's muscles, spine, joints. MBT's shape are is particularly, many people call it "shook the shoes or swing shoes" or worse call MBT shoes for "ugly shoes". In fact, MBT shoes should be called "gym shoes or health shoes".
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